The Cherif Championship


The Cherif Championship Show 2016: The following judges have confirmed their acceptance to judge.

Cherif ridden classes: Ride:  Mrs Sarah Kate Coward. Conformation:  Mr Tom Best   Rider: A1 & A2 Ms Thomma Shepherd 

Dalton Stud In-Hand : Mr Ron Thomas

HOYS Part-bred Arab : Conformation : Mrs Tina Day  Performance : Mr David Blair.


Two animals were chosen at random for drug testing. Both had the results returned as negative, no banned substances found. Thank you for abiding by our rules.


We have just received notification from HOYS regarding the Part-bred class 2015, which states that The Ridden Partbred Pony of the Year will be extended to include partbred Dartmoor, New Forest and Connemara ponies, in addition to partbred Welsh and Arab ponies. We are still keeping everything crossed that we shall have the class for over 148cms soon.



Two horses were chosen for random drug testing at the Cherif Championship Show 2014. Both tests have been returned to us as negative, no banned substances found.  


All results will be on site soon - HOYS marks






Cherif Championship Show Entries 2014

Ridden Entries

A1 : 17

A2  : 26

B    : 27

C    : 17

D    : 15



Class 1  :  15

Class 2  :  12

Class 3  :   3

Class 4  :   7


Snuggy Mini Ch.

Class 18  :  3

Class 19  :  3



 Class 20 :  33



Class 5   :    6

Class 6   :  16

Class 7   :    2

Class 8   :    1

Class 8a :    1

Class 9    :   4

Class 10  :   2

Class  11 :   5

Class  12 : 10

Class  13 :   2

Class  14   : 4

Class 14a  : 4

Class 15   :  8

Class 16   :  3

Class 17   :  5




There were excellent entries at the Royal Highland Show, and many congratulations to all for their support of this exciting new class:

1st:   Wycroft New Dimension PBA   26.46% Arab
2nd:  Willowcroft Regal Bronze  PBW  11.10% Arab
3rd   Braeglen Masterpiece  PBA/PBW  12.57% Arab
4th    Litton Enterprise  PBA  16.71% Arab
5th:  Anton Dancing Romance  PBA  12.94% Arab




Cheshire County Show hosted the first of the much anticipated HOYS qualifier for Part-bred ponies. With 58 entered, over 40 were exhibited.

1st: Rotherwood Rainmaker ridden by Poppy Carter PBA/PBW  13.58% Arab
2nd: Balfour Toreador ridden by Zara Owen  PBA/PBW  17.19% Arab
3rd: Archwood Romeo Giggle ridden by Ella Studdard  PBA  14.11% Arab
4th: Mountcharles Firefly ridden by Tessa Connor  PBA  16.99% Arab

Many congratulations to all, and we are thrilled that this class is proving to be so popular with the exhibitors. Wishing all competitors the very best of luck at the Royal Highland.




To celebrate the 25th Cherif Championship Show, we have had made a limited edition of beautiful metal plaques. These are available to purchase for all exhibitors who have qualified or entered the final. They are £25.00 each plus p&p at £3.20. They are available now. Please message either from this site or

November 19, 2013 at 9:21 AM

Hoys_RGB_new_logo.jpgAn exciting new Championship has been given the green light to run at Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) 2014, which will take place at Birmingham’s NEC from 8th – 12th October. The Ridden Partbred Pony of the Year Championship opens up the chance to compete at “The World’s Most Famous Horse Show” to a much wider audience.

The Championship aims to recognise and promote quality ridden ponies, whose breeding, in part, is Arab or Welsh, or a combination of the two. Exhibits will show true pony characteristics, while possessing excellent conformation and free-flowing movement.

All eyes will be on the Ridden Partbred Pony of the Year Championship qualifiers during the 2014 season, as hundreds of combinations begin to benefit from this new opportunity and previously unseen talent starts to emerge. The exciting addition not only supports quality partbred animals, it also offers a number of existing HOYS competitors another class to aim for.

Qualifiers will be split between classes for partbred Arab ponies, partbred Welsh ponies and a combination of the two. At the final, there will be one class for all qualified ponies.

Subject to its success in this exciting pilot year, there is scope for the Championship to expand in the future. 

Furthermore, the Ridden Partbred Pony of the Year Championship will be included into the prestigious HOYS Awards series, providing yet more scope for recognition of partbred ponies, their sires and breeders.

Helena Pettit of Grandstand Media, organiser of HOYS, commented: “As host of the most prestigious national showing Championships, we have listened to feedback and are delighted to have responded to such popular demand with this new addition. I’m very excited to see the Championship evolve throughout the qualifying season and wish all potential competitors the best of luck.”

Under the new class guidelines, eligible ponies must be registered, or overstamped, with the partbred section of the Arab Horse Society and/or the Welsh Pony & Cob Society Stud books with a minimum percentage of 12.5% Arabian or Welsh blood.

Class guidelines are posted on the HOYS website.

 See more at:



Two horse were chosen at random for drug testing at the Cherif Championship Show 2013. These were Miss L. Hall's High Treason and Miss K. Pitt's Applaud. The testing was carried out by the Horse Racing Forensic Lab, and both tests have been returned as negative - no banned substances found.



In-hand entries:

Class 5  :  2

Class 6  : 12

Class 7  :  4

Class 8  :  1

Class 8a : 3

Class 9  :  4

Class 10 : 5

Class  11: 5

Class 12:  7

Class 13:  2

Class 14 : 8

Class 15 : 4

Class 15a  1

Class 16:  9

Class 17:  6



Dressage and Concours Class entries:

Class 1  :  15

Class 2  :  9

Class 3  :  6

Class 4  :  8



We are thrilled with the entries received for this years final on 11th September: Total in final classes 110.

A1 : 138cms & Under        16

A2: Over 138-148cms        27

B: Over 148-153cms          28

C:  Over 153cms up to but not including 158cms  20

D. 158cms & Over             19

Dressage, Concours and In-hand entries will go up ASAP



We are delighted to announce that Mrs Wendy Edgar has very kindly donated a stallion nomination to Chiddock Stop Watch. This fantastic award will be going to the Dalton Stud In-hand section - final details will be in the programme.

A huge thanks to all the stallion owners who have offered these fantastic prizes:

Thursden Vallye Raphael , nomination to the highest placed ridden mare in the Cherif final.

Whalton Above Suspicion or Bradmore Copycat to the dam of the Champion foal.

Stanley Grange Royal Appointment or Renelles Royal Salute. A nomination to either which will be raffled. Last years winner of the raffle has been scanned in foal.



Sea Horses Amateur Award, sponsored by The Fitt Family have very kindly offered a prize of £50.00 each to the highest placed Amateur Home Produced ponies in Classes A1 & A2 at the final. 



The Royal Welsh Show - 22-25th July.

Mrs Jill Latched was due to judge the Cherif classes, but due to a serious accident will not be able to judge. Mrs Tina Day will be judging the ridden classes from the ground.



Please note that the Dressage classes being held at the final this year are Prelim 13 (2006) and Novice 24 (2010) not as stated on the timetable of the printed schedule.



Team Thomas Show Hunter Pony Championship.

We are delighted to announce this new Championship for the Cherif Championship Show 2013. Qualifiers for this Championship will come from the highest placed SHP in Classes A1 : A2 and B. The qualifiers coming from these three classes will be taken as per SHP heights.



Cherif Championship Show 2013

We have had some incredible stallion nominations as prizes for the show this year. We would like to thank all the studs for their generosity.

For the third year running, Jeff Grace has offered a nomination to Stanley Grange Royal Appointment or Renelles Royal Salute. These nominations will be raffles at the dinner the night before the show, and on the day.

Kim O'Dwyer of the Raemoir Stud is not only sponsoring the Foal Championship, and has also offered a free nomination to either Whalton Above Suspicion or Bradmore Copykat. This will be awarded to the dam of the Champion foal.

Trudy Goulding of the End House Stud has very kindly offered a free nomination to Thursden Vallye Raphael, which will be awarded to the highest placed ridden mare in the final.


Warrington Horse show due to be held on 27th May have cancelled the Cherif qualifying classes.


NPS Area 27  has changed the show date from 30th June to 29th June. Please see list of qualifying shows for details of the secretary.


NPS Area 15 show, which was scheduled for 15th June, has changed their date to 7th April.



Herts County Show being held on 25-26th May have also very kindly agreed to split the Cherif classes at 148cms & under, and over 148cms. The schedules for this show will be ready in February.



The Three Counties Show has agreed to split the Cherif classes into, 148cms & under, and over 148cms.



The North Wales Arab Group Show has changed the show date to 6th April.



Fantastic news from The Royal Welsh Show. They have very kindly agreed to split the Cherif Championship classes into a) 148cms & Under and b) Over 148cms. There will also be a ridden Championship for these two classes, with the Champion going forward to compete in the new Supreme ridden Championship of the show.

The Royal Welsh are also including In-hand classes for Anglo and Part-bred Arabs, so please support these classes.


Welcome to the Cherif Championship 2013. We have many new shows that have joined our qualifying status, including Ponies UK Winter and Summer Championships; NPS Area 4 Spring Show; Equistyle Spring and Summer Shows; Alyth & District; TSR Summer Gala Show. North of England Summer Show.

The qualifying show list can be found on the 2013 page.

The Wilton Hunt Show has changed their date to 7th July due to a change of venue.



To avoid classes clashing, we will be starting the Over 148cms Senior In-hand Classes at 9.a.m. - Starting with Class 9 - 10 - 11 - 8 and 8a followed by the Senior Championship. All other classes remain as stated in the timetable.



We have a fantastic show coming up on 12th September at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre. Numbers entered for the classes are as follows:

Class A1 - 138cms & Under  18

Class A2 - Over 138-148cms  24

Class B - Over 148 - 153cms  29

Class C - Over 153 up to but not including 158cms   25

Class D - 158cms & over  16

Class 1 - Dressage Prelim  16

Class 2 - Dressage Novice  7

Class 3 - Junior Concours  7

Class 4 - Senior Concours  19 

Class 5 - Yearlings to exceed 148cms  7

Class 6 - 2yr old to exceed 148cms  3

Class 7 - 3yr old to exceed 148cms  3

Class 8 - Broodmare to exceed 148cms  2

Class 8a - Foals  3

Class 9 - Barren Mare & Geldings  9

Class 10 - Stallions  6

Class 11 - Veterans  5

Class 12 - Yearling 148cms & under  8

Class 13 - 2yr old 148cms & under  6

Class 14 - 3yr old 148cms & under  5

Class 15 - Broodmare 148& under  8

Class 15a Foals  7

Class 16 - Barren Mares & Geldings  148cms & under  10

Class 17 - Stallions  148cms & under  2



Derbyshire Festival of Showing (NCPA)

The ridden section for the show has been re-scheduled for 2nd September 2012. The Cherif Championship classes, will this year be qualifiers for 2013. All details for contact are on the shows page.



Change of date and venue for the Wincanton Horse Show. The show is now being held on 7th August at Stretcholt Equestrian Centre. The show secretary details remain the same.


Hopefully you may have read on the NPS Website about this new competition,kindly sponsored by Mr & Mrs Sowerby which is aimed at encouraging the support of in hand plaited pony youngstock classes. Including show pony,
show hunter pony, part bred welsh. part bred arab and home produced classes.

There are some very generous cash prizes including £300 to the winner!

It is a point based competition and run through each Area.

I am pleased to announce that the six nominated shows for Area 7 are as follows:

1. Ponies UK South Show - Newbury - Sat 5th May - RP / Hunter Pony and Part
bred classes -

2. NPS Area 7 Summer Show - Addington, Bucks - Sun 1st July - RP / Hunter Pony and
home prodcued classes - <>

3. The Basildon (Berks) Horse Show - Beale Park, Berks - Sun 15th July - In
hand youngstock classses and part bred arab -

4. Abingdon Horse Show - Abingdon, Oxfordshire - Sun 19th Aug - In hand
youngstock classes / hunter pony and part bred arab

5. Bucks County Show - Aylesbury, Bucks - Thurs 30th Aug - RP / Hunter Pony
In Hand - <>

6. The Cherif Championships -Addington, Bucks - Weds 12th Sept - part bred arab-

Double points are awarded at the NPS Summer Champs Show.

To obtain your card - please send a SAE to:

Charlotte McIntosh
43 Clifton Moor
Milton Keynes

If you need one urgently for Ponies UK at the weekend or have any queries -
please call Charlotte on 07932 716922



NPS International Dressage Times for Cherif Teams:

Tina will be bringing Equidiscs for anyone who has not got one. These are the discs with numbers 1-9999 included at £12.00 each.

There will be photo calls for all the teams over the weekend, which will be arranged when we arrive. A blog is being done for the Blue Chip team (Cherif Chiplets). We have a superb camera person, Mrs Leigh Edwards has been nominated to perform this task!

Wishing you all the very best of luck. We shall be there to support you all, let's have a brilliant weekend. We will be at Addington at approx 4p.m. on the Friday if anyone wants to collect their sponsored gilets etc. If arriving on Saturday/Sunday, we will be at Addington.

Mobile numbers, if needed are:

Sue 07932 174908

Tina 07599 962300

Lynda 07957 855734 (Cherif cards will be at the show with us, if needed).

Class 1.  Arena 2 (Saturday)

2.58p.m.   No. 409 Glentons Adonis/Emily Giles

Class 2. Arena 1 (Sunday)

1.30p.m.   No. 409 Glentons Adonis/Emily Giles

2.40p.m.   No. 403 Northlands Main Lane/Sarah Bray

Class 3. Arena 3 (Saturday)

2.07p.m.   No. 416 Towan Barnaby Rudge/Emily Giles

2.42p.m.   No. 421 Kingsford Silver Spray/Katie Davis

4.06p.m.   No. 430 Clinwil Royal Serenade/Rachel Bullock

Class 4. Arena 4 (Sunday)

1.28p.m.   No. 430 Clinwil Royal Serenade/Rachel Bullock

1.49p.m.   No. 432 Crofty's Enigma/Stephanie Turner

1.56p.m.   No. 421 Kingsford Silver Spray/Katie Davis

2.22p.m.   No. 431 Thursden Vallye Raphael/Fiona Johnston

Class 9. Arena 4 (Saturday)

10.21a.m.  No. 628 Valantinos Royal Touch/Becky Edwards

12.08p.m.  No. 642 Cumberworth Jedi Knight/Chloe Taylor

2.28p.m.    No. 654 Saxen Snow Cygnet/Tommy Archer

Class 10. Arena 3 (Sunday)

09.52a.m.  No. 628 Valantinos Royal Touch/Becky Edwards

12.39p.m.  No. 638 Stanley Grange Masterpiece/Charlotte Miles

Class 11. Arena 1 (Saturday)

1.28p.m.   No. 669 Chiddock Speed Limit/Sophie Judge

3.08p.m.   No. 681 Northlands Main Lane/Samuel Bray

3.15p.m.   No. 682 Fridebi Celestial Debut/Sophie Judge

3.22p.m.   No. 683 Fofsway Flutter/Anna Martin

3.43p.m.   No. 686 Chiddock Tilly Trotter/Emily Tisch

Class 15. Arena 3 (Sunday)

2.44p.m.   No. 431 Thursden Vallye Raphael/Fiona Johnston

2.51p.m.   No. 432 Crofty's Enigma/Stephanie Turner


Many, many congratulations to Fiona and Thursden Vallye Raphael. They won both Medium BD dressage tests at Richmond today. Look out for them at the NPS International Dressage finals next weekend.


We are delighted to announce that the Arab Horse Society have agreed to donate special AHS rosettes to the highest placed members of the Cherif Championship Dressage Teams, who are competing at the NPS International Dressage finals at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre on 14-15th April



Cherif teams for the NPS Working Dressage Finals : Novice

    Cherif Starlets Team                                          Cherif Comets Team

Thursden Vallye Raphael ridden by Fiona Johnson                         Stanley Grange Masterpiece ridden by Charlotte Miles

Valantinos Royal Touch ridden by Becky Edwards                          Croftys Enigma ridden by Stephanie Turner

Kingsford Silver Spray ridden by Katie Davis                                Glentons Adonis ridden by Emily Giles                                                  

Clinwill Royal Serenade ridden by Rachel Bullock                           Northlands Main Lane ridden by Sarah Bray                         



Prestige Browbands

Our very grateful thanks to Katey and Jackie for designing and producing the exquisite browbands, together with the blinged bandages and numnahs, for the Cherif dressage teams who will be competing at the NPS International dressage final at Addington Manor E.C. on 14-15th April 2012.



Cherif teams for the NPS Working Dressage Finals : Prelim

Snuggy Hoods Ltd

Cherif Snuglets Team (12yrs and Under) Prelim

Fofsway Flutter ridden by Anna Martin                                           

Chiddock Speed Limit ridden by Sophie Judge

Fridebi Celestial Debut ridden by Sophie Judge                             

Chiddock Tilly Trotter ridden by Emily Tisch

Cherif Chiplets Team (Juniors) Prelim

Valantinos Royal Touch ridden by Becky Edwards                            

Saxen Snow Cygnet ridden by Tommy Archer

Cumberworth Jedi Knight ridden by Chloe Taylor                              

Northlands Main Lane ridden by Sam Bray

Cherif Starlets Team (Prelim)

Clinwil Royal Serenade ridden by Rachel Bullock                                

Glentons Adonis ridden by Emily Giles

Kingsford Silver Spray ridden by Katie Davis

Towan Barnaby Rudge ridden by Emily Giles                                      





Snuggy Hoods Ltd

We are delighted to announce that Snuggy Hoods are to sponsor the Cherif Championship Mini Team who will be competing at the NPS International Working Dressage Final being held on 14-15th April at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre. The mini team members will be receiving Gilets, and the ponies will receive Fleece Show Rugs, Hoods, leggings and a tail guard.

Our grateful thanks to Snuggy Hoods for their generous sponsorship.



Contrary to popular belief, our Senior Dressage team will not be appearing naked!!!

Due to the hard work from Katie Davis, we now have them covered.

Our thanks to the generosity of Wendover Heights Veterinary Centre and Equine Clinic, together with Steve Dent (stunt co-ordinator) who have kindly agreed to sponsor the Senior Team. Both companies work in the film industry. Their latest blockbuster being War Horse.



Many congratulations to Sarah Bray and Northlands Main Lane who have qualified for the NPS International Working Dressage Finals in the Novice section.




Congratulations to Anna Martin and Fofsway Flutter who have qualified for the NPS Working Dressage Final. What a fantastic young team we have representing the Cherif.




Congratulations to Sophie and Julie Judge, with Chiddock Speed Limit and Fridebi Celestial Debut for qualifying for the NPS Working Dressage Final in both the Prelim and Novice classes.

Welcome and congratulations to Emily Tisch with Chiddock Tilly Trotter, who has also qualified in both tests.

All three will be joining the Cherif Teams.



Cornwall's Open Show has joined the qualifying shows for 2012. The show will be held on 28th April. All details will be found on the 2012 page very soon.




Congratulations and welcome to Sam Bray and his lovely pony Northlands Main Lane. They will be joining the Cherif team at the NPS International Working Dressage Championship at Addington Manoe E.C. on 14-15th April.



We are delighted to announce that Blue Chip Feed are sponsoring the Cherif Junior Dressage Team at the NPS International Working Dressage Group Championships being held at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre on 14-15th April 2012. The Junior team members will be receiving Gilets, Dressage Numnahs, Baseball Caps and Blue Chip Vouchers for £15.00. All other team members will receive Baseball caps and Blue Chip Feed Vouchers for £15.00.

Our sincere thanks to Blue Chip Feed.



HALTER-EGO have very kindly offered fantastic prizes for the Champion, Reserve Champion and 2nd Reserve Champion in the Country Code Amateur Championship. These are Lycra Hoods for the lucky winners.



The South of England Spring Show being held on 11-12th April has changed the height split in the Cherif Championship classes. The two classes will now be split at 148cms.


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